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Compromise with your future. Compromise with your Well-being.

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Infantile Workshop MAÇON

General Information

  • Inscription Secretaria of Social Integration 1818
  • Registers chamber of Trade 01720767
    • Monday to Friday
    • 8:00 of the morning to 4:00 of the evening
  • Street 64 B Nro 81-A-78. Barrio Villaluz.
  • Bogotá. Colombia.
  • Telephone: 4371834
  • Mail:
  • WEB:

Institucional Marco

  • Mission:

    To educate the children in the recognition of their potentialities, with some concepts that develop the sensorial, emotional and cognitive areas based in the analysis criticizes sustained and focused in the arts, the understanding through the constructive, appreciative and emotional dimensions of their interne (Pedagogy of the creative expression). The institution like generating, promoter and agent of the defense and the respect for the rights of the children, and in the care and physical and psychological evolutionary development has elaborated a series of dynamic where interaction the main characters of the education, educandos-educator-parents and society in general. Our fundamental purpose is, to articulate and to combine in the day-to-dayness the practice of educating for the life.

  • Vision:

    To generate and to build characteristic and circumstances in a mental physical space that satisfies and respond to the basic necessities, in a state of coexistence that you/they promote the boy's Integral development, the family and the society with attitudes and aptitudes participative in the domestic positive transformation.

    The projection and development of the institution is based in the permanent creation of investigation that you/they allow the evaluation, implementation and application of new educational concepts adapted to the transformation of that-making educational national in the formation of our children.

Principles and securities of the institution

  • Freedom:

    It was developed as the fundamental axis of the formation process designed by the Institution. As an inherent value to the knowledge, without restrictions. He/she took as the exploratory tool for the boy's learning and the creation.

  • Equality:

    Our Institutional process will be leader in the promotion of an education without exclusion of any class with emphasis in the respect to the diversity of our children and girls.

  • Brotherhood:

    We will motivate all those activities and dynamic Institutional and outside of the institution that you/they develop behaviors for the invigoration of the securities, the ethics and the morals.

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